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We create a comfortable safe space to sell your jewellery and valuables in private by appointment only


Some of the Services We Provide

We Buy Watches

We Buy Gold

We Buy Jewellery

We Buy Art

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About Us

If you’re looking to sell some jewellery then we are the best place to go for your jewellery needs. Located conveniently around the pawn jewelelry in Fourways, pawn jewelry in Bryanston, and Rivonia jewellery pawn we have a wide range of services that we can offer you. We offer great prices for your unwanted and broken jewelry at great prices. We have competitive prices with those who sell jewelry in Johannesburg as well.  Pawn Jelellery is great because we have a knowledgeable and friendly staff that is there to help you. We offer a wide range of services that not all pawn shops do.

What you can expect from us

  1. Professional service and highest prices paid guaranteed
  2. Secure safe and By Appointment
  3. Staff is up to date on their knowledge about precious stones
  4. A choice of two different loans (short and long)
  5. Wide selection of items for sale
  6. No hassle

While we do enjoy doing service with our guests it’s important to remember that for any transaction you will require a valid ID. This is just to ensure that we are accepting business from a reputable source and making it easier to file reports on stolen items that we may not have known about. While we deal with customers who are seeking emergency money or just a few extra dollars around the holidays, we also sell a wide variety of products. As we allow certain items to be sold to us, this means we can offer these same items to you for a fair price that might cost you much more in a store.

There are a few different items in which you can find that we both buy, sell, and allow you to pawn.

What we can do for you

  • We buy jewellery that is either old, unwanted, or broken
  • We buy luxury watches, diamonds and gold
  • And sell the above mentioned.

We really specialize in  the pawn jewellery market at this is the biggest type of market were getting business from. If you’re looking to make some extra money then we’ll happily pay you for any unwanted or broken jewelry. Perhaps you’re looking for a nice gift for a wife, fiancé, or girlfriend. In our pawn shop we offer a great selection of rings, watches, necklaces and more all at a great price!

We’ll never sell you anything that is broken or damaged and likewise we won’t do business with anyone who isn’t looking to sell these types of items for the price of gold. Broken jewelry is only accepted under the pretenses that it’s going to be melted down and you’re seeking the value of that or at least partial value since we have to make money as well.

Jewellery that you’re just attempting to pawn either short term or long term will not be accepted, as this is something that would cost us to fix and we’d not be able to profit.

We are an honest business that is also dependable and look forward to helping you.


  • I was paid more for my Gold than any other Pawn Shop I went to.

    — Derek Tayler —
  • Thank you for the GREAT service and GREAT prices Zane!

    — Sabrina Bellomo —
  • Zane is professional and great to work with.

    — Yolanda Evie Dickson —



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